Thank you for visiting the Mother Ann Foundation web site.

My name is Ann but in Africa  the children and community I have fund raised for,  call me Mother Ann. This is the foundations 13th year .. 13years and growing stronger.

I  am a pensioner who lives in Lincolnshire England but I go to  Uganda to help in anyway I can. I am so humbled by the people and feel so lucky to not have to walk for miles to get water which is dirty and be able to get clean water from a tap inside my home and to have medical treatment when we need it. I do this because  I feel  its in my heart to help the less fortunate, if I can help one person then It makes me feel truly humbled. My daughter & Son in law help me so much without them my Mother Ann Dreams would not be able to come true ?

My Vision

My vision for the future is to be able to open a Mother and baby unit for the babies that have been abandoned and a shelter to provide food once a day for the street children in Kampala. (We opened The Mother Ann Home 2018)

Abandoned Babies

We don’t know exactly how many babies get abandoned each year, but it is estimated that around 50 to a 100 annually,These children are usually dumped in dustbins on the streets, in bushes, dumps and pit latrines.
So my vision is to save a few of these beautiful babies, so that they have a better start in life.

Street Children

My vision is to able to feed them once a day, and provide some shelter at night. There are numerous reasons why children live on the streets, such as poverty, family strife, abused, being orphans. They are also often abused On the streets and violated, treated as barely human and On the fringe of Society, they eke out an existence, begging, scrounging through rubbish for food. They are never safe from being beaten or taken for sacrifice and abused by all these people.
If I could only keep a few safe and fed, that would be my goal and dear wish.

Love and Blessings Mother Ann x

(The Mother Ann Home opened in 2018)

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