Sorry picture not that good but no electricity in the home she is staying …………..


Aline the lady who is pregnant with twins in the slums of Uganda ( no family, husband disappeared) was in a lot of pain and hullacinating . The doctors in the hospital were not interested ( unfortunately just too many people in the hospital ) . So I was able to talk to my doctor friend in Uganda and we have managed to transfer Aline to another hospital a good hour away. She had a thorough examination and we found out she has an infection which was causing all the symptoms and that she wasn’t in labour as we found out she was 33 weeks pregnant … so at least another 4 weeks to go …. the doctor has given her medication and a family who took baby Hope in as their own ( the baby who was found near a rubbish tip who i kept at the Mother Ann Home till we found her a family) have kindly offered to let Aline stay until the twins are born … So with Lesley’s and Caroline’s donation we were able to get her a mattress and some food.. life is sure hard in the slums but with all your kind donations we are helping to save lives …Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Lesley and Caroline this sure will make a difference …. this poor woman is having a difficult pregnancy and with your help she sees hope….. I will keep you all updated ?

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