Thank you Karen A, with your donation we were able to get Aline a doctor to see why she was in so much pain.  He has suggested a  caesarean as the twins are too big for her small frame.  He has taken our number and will let us know when he is scheduling the operation.  Aline is very scared as she lost a child hours after giving birth before.  We have tried to reassure her and we are doing everything we can to help her. You also paid for more food sanitary and a Jerry can for water. ( nothing supplied in the hospital ) She really feels truly blessed as help like this in the hospitals near the slums of Uganda just don’t happen … she still hasn’t a bed but with other donations she is one of the lucky ones, as she can put her blanket that was bought with donations  on the concrete floor.  Thank you thank you thank you for your kind heart.  Without your donation we are sure Aline and her twin babies may not be still with us ?

Donations truly change lives

Sorry about the picture quality. The phone  camera in Uganda is not very good.

Here she is wearing her new dress that was paid with donations ?

If anyone would like to donate please go via my website