This is Angel Grace the little girl who I saved from Dying at Christmas .. she inherited HIV from her mother. When she came to me she was weighing only 12lb very malnourished arms and legs like matchsticks. Could hardly move, or swallow milk. Her family too poor to look after her. But now look at her , she is 17months old and doing so well, the doctors can’t believe she has survived and keep telling me I saved her lIfe?

I know many would of left her to die but even if she hadn’t survived she would of died knowing she was loved. But thankfully she survived. What a joy she is.. she has now got a foster family deep in the village of Uganda but she is staying with me for the next month at The Mother Ann home. Here she is carrying water bottles ready to fetch water. She is picking up English very well she now says bye.

She still needs more clothes but we are hoping through donations we will be able to get some more clothes and essentials for her?

Just look at her gorgeous face how could anyone of walked away and let her die. Sadly it happens to children all the time here but Angel Grace is one of the lucky ones ?

If anyone would like to help and donate even if just a few pounds please go via where you can donate ? a hundred percent of your money goes on the poor and needy? ?