Aline has safely delivered her twins. A beautiful boy and girl weighing 5lb each ….

We have been helping Aline through her very difficult Pregnancy. in the slums of Kampala, she was very scared as she lost her baby in childbirth but with your donations we have helped her and now she has safely delivered her twins, she is crying tears of joy as she never thought she would hold her precious babies she thinks she has guardian angels as she thought she and her babies would die in child birth as it happens alot in the slums of Kampala as they can’t afford the medical help… without your help the doctors said Aline and the twins would not be with us.. you truly have saved her and her babies lives. Thank you with all my heart for all those donated you have truly saved 3 lives. We now need help to pay the hospital bill of 70 pounds and we need donations for essentials and baby clothes, if anyone can help even if it’s 1 English pound, please donate via the website

All cards excepted plus PayPal.

Non profit organisation

Without these donations she and her twins would not have survived … a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far… this poor woman has been left with nothing, her husband disappeared and she has no family. If I can give her hope then I will.. ?

Here are the babies wrapped up in a blanket donated by Claire and Lesley … thank you, thank you thank you , your both superstars ..? updates to follow ..