This is 16 months old baby Hope, the baby we found on a rubbish dump ( yes a rubbish dump sadly it happens a lot here in the slums of Uganda , due to poverty ) who came to stay with me at The Mother Ann Home and with donations saved her life. Now look at her. She is doing well with help from donations . Her new family are still poor but baby Hope is alive and loved. Hope needs new clothes shoes and some toys. The doll in the picture is off a rubbish tip ( but a bit scary looking for my liking) ……..

If anyone would like to help and donate even if just a few pounds please go via this website where you can donate ? a hundred percent of your money goes on the poor and needy? ?

This is why I do what I do if I can help save one life I will die a happy old lady

Donations save lives … ?

All your money goes on the poor and needy

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