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This is Fred. Thank you to Lesley B for donating. We have been able to buy Fred a school bag… it takes him an hour to get to school. So this bag will help him carry his books…. out here in the slums school bags are a luxury.

So happy for Fred to receive this bag as the bigger boys miss out.

. If anyone would like to Donate even just a pound . you can donate via mywebsite a hundred percent of your money goes on the poor and needy placeholder://


This is Angel the little baby who came to me malnourished and doctors didn’t think she would survive. Now look at her. Donations save lives……

Here she is wanting to play teacher at my nursery school The Mother Ann Nursery School. Bless her she is only 17 months.

We are in need of new posters if anyone would like to donate 3 English pounds we would be able to buy one .

If anyone would like to help and donate even if just a few pounds please go via where you can donate ? a hundred percent of your money goes on the poor and needyplaceholder://


Beatrice lives in a bad place in the slums in Kampala just a little way from where I live when I am there. Sadly she is disabled but could limp along on a stick, but then the hospital said they could try to stretch her leg but it all went wrong and they made it worse for her and now she can’t stand at all and is now very disabled and with the loss of her mother last month she has no help apart from neighbours helping her and lifting her in to her chair which was kindly donated to her . But with out her mothers help now she can not go to school, she is 14 years old and they have one small hut to live in. Which is in very bad condition she is the eldest of 6 children the children range from 2 to Beatrice at 14 years this family is in need of desperate help of money to buy clothes and food and school books etc I will try to get help for these vaunrable children who are now at risk I want to be able to get some help so they can sell things to help them selfs in life So they can sell onions or charcoal, any thing to make a living. I can’t imagine how they are coping, 6 children who have just lost their mother and have nothing to survive on… and all alone, the 2 year old and the children are very vulnerable. If you can help please inbox me .. PayPal payments are to

6 pounds will support them in food for a week that’s one pound per child? if you could even just donate one pound then you will be helping one child ?

This is from my 2016 visit


Children come from everywhere when we give out the balloons . This gives them many hours of fun playing with the balloons. Thank you Angela for your donation you have made some children very very happy ?

Donations really do change lives. However small.

You can help by donating via PayPal to :

Every penny will be spent helping these children smile and give them hope . ?

Shanitah at The Mother Ann Home

This is Shanitah who is 6 years old the street child who has no mother or father. Who was roaming the streets for anyone to feed her or let her lay her head for the night. She is now staying at the Mother Ann Home. She has clothes, food a mattress toiletries. She was traumatised but now we are starting to see her smile. Here she is in a blanket we bought with donations. The blanket is so very soft. Such a luxury for her. Donations really do change lives. Thank you Diane for your Generosity ?