Giving Birth in Uganda

Their is a new maternity ward in Kampala, although new, still the same old problem… to many women giving birth at once . this last week my African family daughter gave birth she was one of the lucky ones as I paid the money for the nurse to stay with her most of her labour, and not many can afford this privilege, with out paying you don’t get the attention as there was 150 ladies in labour waiting to give birth on the floor or in corridor. Their are no pain killers absolutely nothing to help you through your labour you just got to get on with it. You are not allowed to sceam out in pain or you get slapped by the nurse. I feel heartbroken for those that have a bad labour, god help you if no money to pay for the help the consequences are dia you will either loose your baby or die. Its a very sad situation here, it really is heartbreaking the women cry to themselves and they lay on a plastic sheet nude unless you take your own sheets you also don’t get fed you have to have food brought in for you. Its a sad place to be with out money your life might depend on it.People say to me why do they have so many children? well that is a good question, its not the woman wanting a child it its the men, they just think having children makes them big or important. (obviously this is not the case for every African man) no education is a big factor and no sex education . Their is so much I could say on this subject it sure is a sorry sight and a heartbreaking one to see all those women giving birth on a plastic sheet on a very cold floor, this is Africa very sad days.I know in the uk we moan about our NHS. But believe me when you see what I have seen in Africa it is possibly the best service in the world in the uk.Anyway thankfully for Annette my African Daughter her baby was born safely still in poor conditions and not able to scream but safely and we welcome baby Deborah Annette a baby girl. She is doing well and is loved by all.Here she is with her brother David?

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