This is Aline the lady who we are helping in hospital.. she is due to deliver her twins any day. The babies are still alive.
With help from donations we have bought 2 baby blankets A mamma kit ( you can’t be in hospital without one). Food and medication..
we now need help with donations to buy baby clothes, food and water for Aline so she has strength to deliver the babies safely…. she no longer has a bed but does have a space on the floor with a sheet.
Aline is much stronger but we really would like to get her more food a new set of clothes and some washing essentials as she has none. She needs soap and a wash bowl…. sanitary, talc …
If anyone can help even if it’s 1 English pound, please donate via the website
All cards excepted plus PayPal.
Non profit organisation

Without these donations she and her twins would not have survived … a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far… this poor woman has been left with nothing, her husband disappeared and she has no family. If I can give her hope then I will.. Here she is so happy to get more food at the hospital, ( you don’t get food supplied ) it sure does make a difference ?