We welcomed Kaston to The Mother Ann Home for abandoned children not long back

she is 5 years old and she was born deep in the village to very poor parents sadly the father left them and the mother can’t take care of her, she has been fed by any one who can help in the village that could give her a meal when possible. She was very very sad and malnourished and her stomach was very swollen ( I suspect worms ) she is very insecure which is understandable. word has got to me for help and as usual my heart has gone out to her. She is now staying in The new Mother Ann Home with Hasifah who is 3 years who has been neglected and not wanted. The Mother Ann Foundation is taking them both under our wings. Now look at her. With donations from Leanne we have been able to buy her a new blanket ( never owned a blanket before) and a new dress Donations truly change and save lives Thank you Leanne for your donation you are a true star little Kaston has started to smile . If anyone would like to help and donate even if just a few pounds please go via motherann.org.uk where you can donate ? a hundred percent of your money goes on the poor and needy.. most major bank cards accepted plus PayPal . Donations truly save lives I see it with my own eyes

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