Mother Ann Uganda

Chapter one – Living my dream

September 1st 2010, the day I began living my dream as I had always dreamt of going to my other home Africa. I don’t know why I felt that way, I just did. I was a little apprehensive about going on my
own into the unknown but was very excited. While on the plane I remembered the day I started helping the orphanages and now my dream was coming true. After a very long flight I arrived at Entebbe Airport Uganda, where I saw the men I had been working with over the internet for the last four and six years
respectively. I reached out and hugged them, we were now able to work together to help the children. Tugume Gerald who runs God Cares Orphanage and Emmanuel Norman Nakhokho, who runs Good
Samaritan Orphan & Needy School; my dream was finally beginning.

I met Gerald on Facebook, I saw a picture of the children and somehow I was drawn to the words he had written asking for help to feed the children. After much thought I contacted him and asked if I could help in anyway and to this day I have never looked back.
Gerald was a street boy himself and now he was helping those vulnerable children and has taken them under his wing. We drove to Kampala where Emmanuel lived. What can I say about Emmanuel; this was my sixth year of being in his life and had seen him go from teaching a few children on his mother’s porch to opening a beautiful school with many happy orphans. I am privileged to be in his life and he is such an amazing man who had a dream and saw it through; however hard it was for him.
When we reached Emmanuel’s (who I will call Emm for the rest of my journey, as this is my nickname for him) I was greeted by Annette the young girl who lived with Emm, she was the house help and helped
cook and clean and had produced a lovely meal, which we settled down to eat. Annette told me a little about herself and that she looked after Emm’s niece Diana who was fifteen and dumb which was caused by sexual abuse, torment and suffering when she was younger. She is now very slowly responding with much love and care.

As daylight approached I was outside looking astounded at the rubbish and sewage running near the house and pondered a while, wondering why and how this could be; it was 2010 for goodness sake.
Emm introduced me to his neighbours, oh what lovely people, so polite and respectful to me. We all chatted and laughed, amazingly two worlds apart, yet understanding what we were saying to each other. I decided to get some of my balloons out that Lisa (my daughter) and I had bought in England and suddenly, from nowhere came many children with beaming faces. They were laughing when they saw me blowing up the balloons, how happy they were to
see and receive such simple items. The children had no toys at all; they carried bottle tops around with them, as on the inside of the tops were pictures of cars or bikes, which the children loved to see. Later that day I gave the children some sweets, their little faces happy and excited, I certainly was very popular; It was such a lovely day.
The cockerel crowed, and I was awake at dawn and now daylight and my first visit and awakening to the toilet which was in the passage outside, I stood and looked, it was certainly a very different sight to  what I was used to in England. It was a hole in the ground! I looked and wondered how I would cope with this situation, many people use this Latrine (known as a toilet to me), it had no comfortable toilet seat, nor

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