Mother Ann Uganda

Chapter one – Living my dream

boy who was around four years old who was sat on the steps outside one of the shops; he seemed to be staring into space. I walked over and I placed my arms around him to give him a hug, he responded by
snuggling up to me, oh goodness, how vulnerable this small boy was. I gave him a little money to help but was told there was nothing we could do; it was common to see street boys in Kampala. I struggled to
cope with this as it was not in my nature to leave such a young small child to fend for himself. This was one of the many street children I saw on my journey, which is a common sight in the land of forgotten children. It took me many days to stop thinking about this boy.
That night I went with Gerald to see an MP and Lawyer in Kampala and the house was very beautiful, so very different to the slums I had just travelled from. They had prepared a meal for everyone and we
talked about many subjects, where I slowly began to understand how things worked in Uganda. When we sat down to eat, a young girl aged around fifteen served me my meal and I was shocked when she always knelt at my knees each time she presented me with food or drink. This was always done to the elder and of course always to the men. They were taught this as soon as they could walk and it was a sign of respect. At first I found this hard to cope with, but then realising that this is their tradition and I had to Living My Dream
let her do it. I learnt a lot that night and went back to Emm’s house, taking in all that the MP and Lawyer had told me.
The next day we fetched a young English University student named Maria from the airport who was volunteering to help at Emm’s school. After a lovely meal we had an early night, as we were travelling to Bunabumali tomorrow where the Good Samaritan
Orphan and Needy School was; Maria and I were very excited.

Chapter Two – Good Samaritan orphan and needy school

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