Meet Shanitah

This is 6 year old Shanitah who only one week ago was living on her own on the streets of Kampala Uganda No food no place to stay. Can you imagine ? You see pictures on telly but when you see it in real life it breaks your heart . She is now staying at The Mother Ann Home here in Kampala. She was traumatised when she arrived but all ready in one week she is smiling and I have seen such a change in her. She has received her very first mattress, toothbrush, clothes, toys and so much more. Here she is thanking Zoe for dresses , pants, socks and plimsole and a teddy we bought her with Zoe’s donation, we did a little fashion show . She can’t speak much English she mimics me so she finds it funny. She feels so very special. (She hasn’t seen a camera or phone before).

If anyone says donations don’t save lives take a look at Shanitah she is living proof

Thank you Zoe it means so much, I can’t descibe how this donation has made Shanitah smile. we have one very happy girl staying at the Mother Ann Home xxx

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