My precious and beautiful daughter Lisa, I thank her  for being there for me through all my ups and downs.
I thank her with all my heart ?

My Auntie Grace who made it possible to live my dream?

Emmanuel Norman Nakhokho, (Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy School) a special man with a big heart for his project.

Mummy Gertrude and Daddy James who took me under their wing and enfolded me with love.

Christine who cooked for me.

Mega and her beautiful child.

Emm’s lovely cousin Irene and the lovely Diana.

The wonderful neighbours on Emm’s street

Little Akram who is just a little star.

John the Head Teacher and all the staff at the Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy School.

Maria who shared my journey while I was at the Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy School.

The beautiful loving children at Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy School.

To the MP and Lawyer for their hospitality.

The High Commissioner who let me adopt Henry.

Tugume Gerald at God Cares Orphanage, you are a special man who would do anything for his children.

Henry the street boy who I adopted, who stole my

Gerald’s Aunt who let me stay in her home.

Prossy who took care of me at God Cares Orphanage.

All the Teachers at God Cares Orphanage.

Nicholas the Head Teacher at God Cares Orphanage, who was always there for me.

All the amazing children at God Cares Orphanage.

The Pastor who welcomed me into his church.

The community at God Cares Orphanage.

All the people I met, who made my time in Uganda so very special.

My special thanks go to everyone who is reading this book, as your generosity is helping so many needy orphans. I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart.
My love and blessings to you all.

Ann Rich

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