Thank you thank you thankyou Klaudia. … with your donation we were able to buy this little 3 year old boy Simoni bread and jam and his first new snuggly warm blanket. We were able to donate a blanket earlier in the year for his mummy, It gets cold at night in the slums of Uganda. Now he will be snug and warm. Simoni lives in this rubbish dump ( yes it really is a rubbish dump ) you need to see how truly horrendous it is , I truly struggled to believe it until I see it with my own eyes , but his mother has done the best she can to make it a little place to rest their heads … they were so excited to have received this donation. Smiling from ear to ear . They only have each other. No family… but doing the best they can ?

Donations truly change lives … If anyone would like to donate please go via my website