Clare Proud of you Ann what an achievement!! You are an inspiration to all of us we all love you here!! Keep shining ????xxxxx
 This is certainly nicely create, I will share this with my friends
Donations change lives . Mother Ann shows us that when she goes x great work ?
Shani Amazing !!! Wonderful  lady  !!
what an inspirational lady.
keep up your good work. Amazing lady x
Shirley Congratulation on becoming a regional finalist at the pride of britain awards  xxxxx
Selina You have such an wonderful heart Ann – who would have thought your life would have taken this direction, when you were a little girl? I am humbled by you as my heart is tiny by comparison.
 Nikki ..Just be the wonderful beautiful lady that you are  I am so proud of you and how far you have come. Lots of love x x
 kelly..YOU can do anything you set your mind to my beautiful Ann!!
Lisa ...Your a winner no matter what as your our queen of hearts ❤️❤️❤️xxxxx
Athena  Will be praying for you, mum Ann. You have a heart of gold.
David Well done and GOOD LUCK in the Regional final
Steve Awesome work 
Shani  So proud of you !!

 Lucy You deserve this. Got everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine : Good luck Amazing friend  we are all routing for you at the pride of Britain awards being held right now.. x Love you and proud to call you my dear friend x

Clare ..Proud of you Ann what an achievement!! You are an inspiration to all of us we all love you here!! Keep shining ????xxxxx

Ruthe You’re a winner no matter! YOU ARE A WINNER! ❤️❤️❤️

Norman Great work
 Kathy Rooting for you as always!! xoxox
Jane What fabulous news !! ??????? so pleased for you . A well deserved nomination for all you do for so many xx
Annalie That is awesome. Good luck in the finals
Emz  Aww I got all emotional reading this truely well deserved X
Norman N Emmanuel Mother Ann among many you are the Angel
Ruthe  Fantastic ! Good luck in the finals!
 Lucy  Very deserved
Rita Well done.xx
Kathy Oh Ann!! That’s absolutely fantastic. How wonderful to be recognized this way. You certainly deserve it!! I”m so proud of you!! xoxoxox
 Lisa …… Just show that big heart you will be amazing ❤️❤️
Alice  That’s amazing! Well done nanna! Love you lots xxx
Becky Wow! Congratulations!
Connie Congratulations Ann ?

Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it had been worth the time. Nice article.   BUSINESS USER

 Miss Swansea Tears in my eyes just seen this ….
Im Feeling honoured and very humbled to play a very small part in helpingMother Ann . Thankyou Ann and Lisa thats beautiful of you to do and say , Im just happy to help in any way I can ,…… Thankyou also to all who have supported me in helping these beautiful children in Uganda so far , if you feel you can help in any way no matter how small please contact me means the world to see the childrens smiles in their pictures …..truly makes my whole day

Wow, this article is pleasant

This is certainly one of undoubtedly one of the best write-up.

That’s how it is!

I did not know, thank you motherann.org.uk always good information!

All will be excited about this distribute, it’s most successful.


Hi My friend Ann Rich runs the Mother Ann Foundation! She goes over and lives with these people a couple of times a year. She is a pensioner trying to make a difference. Her website has a paypal facility for any donations. When she is there she buys necessities and distributes them amongst the people’s le. She has managed to open a nursery but her dream is to be able to open an orphanage. There are so many abandoned babies and children! She has rescued so many over the last few years including a baby who was left on a rubbish tip! ?! If you watch her videos you can see. John and I send money when we can as well as others. For me, it is fantastic to see exactly where our money is going! Ann posts videos of the things she has used our money for! I have been really upset at the fact that some of these young mums can’t get medical help if they need it when they are in labour so I asked Ann to buy some ‘ Mama kits’ This means they can be admitted to the hospital for help from the nurse! The hospital will not treat them unless they have these kits! You could help just by sharing the posts and trying to spread the word! ?? https://motherann.org.uk/ Thanks so much for your interest! ?

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